Definition of "reckless" []

  • Heedless or careless. (adjective)
  • Headstrong; rash. (adjective)
  • Indifferent to or disregardful of consequences: a reckless driver. (adjective)
  • Having or showing no regard for danger or consequences; heedless; rash (adjective)

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Use "reckless" in a sentence
  • "Other motorcyclists, more assertive and impatient the word reckless came to mind, began snaking their way in the narrow space between lanes of stopped traffic, as is common here."
  • "The fracas has put WikiLeaks in the position of decrying what it called the "reckless" and "negligent" disclosure of information—something WikiLeaks' critics have long accused it of doing itself."
  • "He said the sanctions risked engulfing the Horn of Africa in another cycle of conflict as it might encourage Ethiopia to contemplate what he called "reckless military adventures.""