Definition of "recess" []

  • A temporary cessation of the customary activities of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit. (noun)
  • The period of such cessation. See Synonyms at pause. (noun)
  • A remote, secret, or secluded place. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • An indentation or small hollow. (noun)
  • An alcove. (noun)
  • A space, such as a niche or alcove, set back or indented (noun)

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  • A secluded or secret place (noun)
  • A cessation of business, such as the closure of Parliament during a vacation (noun)
  • A small cavity or depression in a bodily organ, part, or structure (noun)
  • A break between classes at a school (noun)
  • To place or set (something) in a recess (verb)
  • To build a recess or recesses in (a wall, building, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "recess" in a sentence
  • "The second session provides for the suspension of an officer during the recess, and for a temporary appointment _during the recess_."
  • "FRANKEN: OK, first of all, I love the term recess appointment."
  • "Additionally the term recess is often at issue, originally the Senate was only in session for six months out of the year."