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Definition of "rebuy" [rebuy]

  • To buy again, especially to buy something previously sold (or pawned) (verb)
  • A type of poker tournament that allows players to purchase more chips during the course of the tournament. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "rebuy" in a sentence
  • "Not only did we allow Wall Street to have a free "rebuy" after busting out, we then let them bonus themselves insane amounts of money while they blamed the losers for buying homes which they couldn't afford with products designed precisely to work around that small detail."
  • "But saving the equivalent of a single car payment hardly seems worth the risk when it's your health involved, which for you, individually, no amount of money can improve or 'rebuy' when it's gone."
  • "You might consider getting an HDMI enabled DVD player instead . . . just as good quality as Blu-Ray and you don't have to "rebuy" your old DVDs."