Definition of "raw" []

  • Uncooked: raw meat. (adjective)
  • Being in a natural condition; not processed or refined: raw wool. See Synonyms at crude. (adjective)
  • Not finished, covered, or coated: raw wood. See Synonyms at rude. (adjective)
  • Not having been subjected to adjustment, treatment, or analysis: raw data; the raw cost of production. (adjective)
  • Untrained and inexperienced: raw recruits. (adjective)
  • (of food) not cooked (adjective)

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  • In an unfinished, natural, or unrefined state; not treated by manufacturing or other processes (adjective)
  • (of an edge of material) unhemmed; liable to fray (adjective)
  • (of the skin, a wound, etc) having the surface exposed or abraded, esp painfully (adjective)
  • Ignorant, inexperienced, or immature (adjective)
  • Not selected or modified (adjective)
  • Frank or realistic (adjective)
  • (of spirits) undiluted (adjective)
  • Coarse, vulgar, or obscene (adjective)
  • Recently done; fresh (adjective)
  • (of the weather) harshly cold and damp (adjective)
  • Unfair; unjust (esp in the phrase a raw deal) (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "raw" in a sentence
  • "V. ii.119 (330,9) and yet but raw neither in respect of his quick sail] [W: but slow] I believe _raw_ to be the right word; it is a word of great latitude; _raw_ signifies _unripe, immature_, thence _unformed, imperfect, unskilful_."
  • ""The Washington Post" reports about what it calls raw racism and hostility that have gone largely unnoticed and unreported in this election so far."
  • "Next in declining order of healing effectiveness is what I call a raw food healing diet or cleansing diet."