Definition of "rational" []

  • Having or exercising the ability to reason. (adjective)
  • Of sound mind; sane. (adjective)
  • Consistent with or based on reason; logical: rational behavior. See Synonyms at logical. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers. (adjective)
  • Mathematics A rational number. (noun)
  • Using reason or logic in thinking out a problem (adjective)

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  • In accordance with the principles of logic or reason; reasonable (adjective)
  • Of sound mind; sane (adjective)
  • Endowed with the capacity to reason; capable of logical thought (adjective)
  • Expressible as a ratio of two integers or polynomials (adjective)
  • A rational number (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rational" in a sentence
  • "For example, in ˜Socrates is rational,™ ˜rational™ is taken from the form of Socrates, his humanity."
  • "Arab _Ar'ab_, not _arab_ arid _ar'id_ asphalt _asfalt_, not _fawlt_ bade _bad_ catch not _ketch_ defalcate _defal'kate_, not _fawl_ dilletante _dilletan'te_ forbade _forbad_ granary _granary_ program _pro'gram_, not _grum_ rapine _rap'in_ rational _rational_ sacrament _sacrament_"
  • "Here the term rational 'apparently points to or expresses a property that distinguishes human beings from other animals."