Definition of "rathole" [rathole]

  • An entrance to a living area or passageway used by mice or rats. (noun)
  • A living area used by mice or rats. (noun)
  • A particularly squalid human residence. (noun)
  • An area of a silo that has undergone ratholing, so that material moves mostly through the centre and accumulates around the edges. (noun)
  • To hoard. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "rathole" in a sentence
  • "Earlier this year, human rights organizations charged that over 70,000 children were impressed into labor in some of the nation's most dangerous "rathole" mines."
  • "We were concerned when bush was throwing money down a rathole."
  • "In the Jaintia Hills in northeast India, according to human-rights organizations, more than 70,000 children continue to labor in dangerous rathole coal mines."