Definition of "rate" []

  • A quantity measured with respect to another measured quantity: a rate of speed of 60 miles an hour. (noun)
  • A measure of a part with respect to a whole; a proportion: the mortality rate; a tax rate. (noun)
  • The cost per unit of a commodity or service: postal rates. (noun)
  • A charge or payment calculated in relation to a particular sum or quantity: interest rates. (noun)
  • Level of quality. (noun)
  • A quantity or amount considered in relation to or measured against another quantity or amount (noun)

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  • A price or charge with reference to a standard or scale (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A charge made per unit for a commodity, service, etc (noun)
  • The relative speed of progress or change of something variable; pace (noun)
  • Relative quality; class or grade (noun)
  • (in combination) (noun)
  • A measure of the frequency of occurrence of a given event, such as births and deaths, usually expressed as the number of times the event occurs for every thousand of the total population considered (noun)
  • A wage calculated against a unit of time (noun)
  • The amount of gain or loss of a timepiece (noun)
  • To assign or receive a position on a scale of relative values; rank (verb)
  • To estimate the value of; evaluate (verb)
  • To be worthy of; deserve (verb)
  • To consider; regard (verb)
  • To assess the value of (property) for the purpose of local taxation (verb)
  • To think highly of (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rate" in a sentence
  • "The other data are input rate or “characteristic flow rate” q, the depth D and the permeability K of the drained layer."
  • "The Labour-rate Act got rid of that evident hardship, and charged the landlord with half the rate for tenements or holdings over £4 a-year, and with the _whole rate_ for holdings under that annual rent."
  • "Within certain limits, metals expand uniformly in direct proportion to the increase in temperature, but the rate of expansion varies with different metals; thus, under like conditions, tin expands nearly twice (1-3/5) as much as gold, but the _rate_ of expansion for gold is nearly twice (1-7/10) that of tin."