Definition of "rareness" [rare•ness]

  • (noun) The property of being rare; rarity

Use "rareness" in a sentence

  • "In other words, the Board agreed with Judge Seeherman's view that "rareness" is the most important factor in the surname analysis."
  • "However, we believe it is important to accord the proper weight to the "rareness" of the surname factor while keeping in mind the purpose of Section 2 (e) (4) of the Act. As explained by Judge Seeherman in her concurrence in"
  • "Applying the standard four-factor analysis for surname refusals, the Board considered: (1) the degree of the surname's "rareness"; (2) whether anyone connected with applicant has the mark as a surname; (3) whether the mark has any recognized meaning other than as a surname; and (4) whether the mark has the "look and sound" of a surname."

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