Definition of "rank" []

  • A relative position in a society. (noun)
  • An official position or grade: the rank of sergeant. (noun)
  • A relative position or degree of value in a graded group. (noun)
  • High or eminent station or position: persons of rank. (noun)
  • A row, line, series, or range. (noun)
  • A position, esp an official one, within a social organization, esp the armed forces (noun)

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  • High social or other standing; status (noun)
  • A line or row of people or things (noun)
  • The position of an item in any ordering or sequence (noun)
  • A place where taxis wait to be hired (noun)
  • A line of soldiers drawn up abreast of each other (noun)
  • Any of the eight horizontal rows of squares on a chessboard (noun)
  • (in systemic grammar) one of the units of description of which a grammar is composed. Ranks of English grammar are sentence, clause, group, word, and morpheme (noun)
  • A set of organ pipes controlled by the same stop (noun)
  • (of a matrix) the largest number of linearly independent rows or columns; the number of rows (or columns) of the nonzero determinant of greatest order that can be extracted from the matrix (noun)
  • To arrange (people or things) in rows or lines; range (verb)
  • To accord or be accorded a specific position in an organization, society, or group (verb)
  • To array (a set of objects) as a sequence, esp in terms of the natural arithmetic ordering of some measure of the elements (verb)
  • To be important; rate (verb)
  • To take precedence or surpass in rank (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rank" in a sentence
  • "Lieut. Martin says that the bayonets and rifle-barrels of the front rank were sometimes struck and jammed _by bullets from the rear rank_."
  • "I. iii.196 (33,7) How rank soever rounded in with danger] A _rank weed_ is a _high weed_."
  • "HasChildNodes) {CatalogTitle title = ParseSingleCatalogTitle (subNode); null) {title. rank = rank++; _titleList."