Definition of "rancor" []

  • Bitter, long-lasting resentment; deep-seated ill will. See Synonyms at enmity. (noun)
  • Malicious resentfulness or hostility; spite (noun)

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Use "rancor" in a sentence
  • "I don't understand what's happened to people, and knowing full well that this climate of political rancor is nothing new in our young democracy does nothing to assuage the absolute screaming terror that what we see in the now is only a preview of what my kids will face in the future."
  • "One of the prominent examples of success leading to rancor is Jules Olitski, whom the critic Clement Greenberg called "the best painter living" back in the early 1980s."
  • "All of the rancor is driving a stake deep into hopes of any progress on any of those fronts."