Definition of "ramus" [‖Ra•mus]

  • (noun) A branch, as of a plant, nerve, or blood vessel.
  • (noun) A bony process extending like a branch from a larger bone, especially the ascending part of the lower jaw that makes a joint at the temple.

Use "ramus" in a sentence

  • "The ramus is a long arm element that fastens to the lower jaw."
  • "—In the interval between the adjacent transverse processes each lumbar artery gives off a posterior ramus which is continued backward between the transverse processes and is distributed to the muscles and skin of the back; it furnishes a spinal branch which enters the vertebral canal and is distributed in a manner similar to the spinal branches of the posterior rami of the intercostal arteries (page 601)."
  • "“The V-shaped subpubic angle, blocky pubic body, and broad ischio-pubic ramus suggest male.”"

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