Definition of "railway-carriage" [railway-carriage]

  • A railway-car for passenger-traffic. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "railway-carriage" in a sentence
  • "One may smoke in a railway-carriage in spite of by-laws, if one has first obtained the consent of every one present; but if there be a lady there, though she give her consent, smoke not."
  • "There he sat, with his tweed suit and his American accent, in the corner of a prosaic railway-carriage, and yet as I looked at his dark and expressive face I felt more than ever how true a descendant he was of that long line of high-blooded, fiery, and masterful men."
  • "The mirror showed her as he had expected; she was reading as the railway-carriage swayed with the rhythm imposed by the rails."