Definition of "ragouts" [ragouts]

  • (noun) Plural form of ragout.

Use "ragouts" in a sentence

  • "Presently, she set before me a tray of the most exquisite meats, such as ragouts and fritters soaked in honey and fricassees and fowls stuffed with sugar and pistachio-nuts, and we ate till we were satisfied."
  • "We had hot cakes for our breakfast and "hermetik" each day, Mutton pies, ragouts and curries, for that is Lindström's way."
  • "But we cannot stop to describe the cloth of gold and silver — the superb embroidery in arabesque — the shawls of Kashmere and the muslins of India, which were here unfolded in all their splendour; far less to tell the different sweetmeats, ragouts edged with rice coloured in various manners, with all the other niceties of Eastern cookery."

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