Definition of "radicality" []

  • The quality of being radical; radicalness. (noun)
  • Germinal principle; source; origination. (noun)
  • Radicalness; relation to root in essential nature or principle. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "radicality" in a sentence
  • "After all, the nature of faith, especially in the Christian tradition IS precisely to live and breath a radicality of life and grace that upsets the very nature of death and brokenness in the world."
  • "Barnett appears much more agnostic on the specific legal questions involved than previous contestants like Erwin Chemerinsky, focusing instead on the aggressive radicality of the Roberts majority:"
  • "The very radicality of liberation theology means that its seriousness is often underestimated, since it does not fit into any of the accepted categories of heresy; its fundamental concern cannot be detected by the existing range of standard questions."