Definition of "rackety" [rack•et•y]

  • (adjective) Noisy; raucous.

Use "rackety" in a sentence

  • "When the memoirs of Miss Pamela Andrews appeared, the future biographer of her doubly supposititious brother was a not very young man of thirty-three, who had written a good many not very good plays, had contributed to periodicals, and had done a little work at the Bar, besides living, at least till his marriage and it may be feared later, an exceedingly "rackety" life."
  • "In her memoir she describes her career as "rackety"."
  • "In the good old days or were they the bad ones? the twice yearly dishing out of gongs with exotic, anachronistic names was colourful, class-ridden and decidedly rackety, like much else in post-imperial British public life."

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