Definition of "rack-renting" []

  • A high rent that annually equals or nearly equals the value of the property upon which it is charged (noun)
  • Any extortionate rent (noun)
  • To charge an extortionate rent for (property, land, etc) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rack-renting" in a sentence
  • "Absentee English landlords also got rid of tenants by means of exorbitant rent increases (rack-renting), land enclosure, construction of new roads, and imposition of new laws."
  • "The Anglefords were good landlords; there was no rack-renting, no ejections, and a farm falling vacant from natural causes was always eagerly tendered for."
  • "Thus it looks now as if by the appreciation of gold all that was gained for the tenant is more than lost, and that in the future his condition may be worse than in the worst days of rack-renting."
  • "Mr. Charles George Mahon, whom he addressed personally as "a rack-renting landlord," and otherwise held up to scorn and derision."
  • "The new landowners who came into possession of forfeited estates or of confiscated monastic lands continued to substitute pasture for tillage, and to dispossess the agricultural population as well by the reduced demand for labour as by rack-renting and evictions."