Definition of "rack-and-pinion" []

  • A device for converting rotary into linear motion and vice versa, in which a gearwheel (the pinion) engages with a flat toothed bar (the rack) (noun)
  • (of a type of steering gear in motor vehicles) having a track rod with a rack along part of its length that engages with a pinion attached to the steering column (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rack-and-pinion" in a sentence
  • "The former electric power steering has reverted to a hydraulic rack-and-pinion."
  • "Andy Rooney voiceDontcha just hate it when a cadaver messes with your rack-and-pinion?"
  • "In the event that power is interrupted i.e. power failure the door will close manually like a rack-and-pinion closing device."
  • "It has been well cared for, with some repairs such as replacing the rack-and-pinion steering, and has some minor dents and bruises."
  • "The lift bottoms out near the rack-and-pinion machinery that raises and lowers its neighbors."