Definition of "racemose" [rac•e•mose]

  • Botany Resembling or borne in a raceme. (adjective)
  • Anatomy Having a structure of clustered parts. Used of glands. (adjective)

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Use "racemose" in a sentence
  • "M. Fournier mentions an instance in _Pelargonium grandiflorum_, where, owing to the lengthening of the axis, the pedicels, instead of being umbellate, had become racemose; and I owe to the kindness of Dr. Sankey"
  • "_ A compound racemose gland with duct passing to a free surface."
  • "Many flowers from the axil of a bract; no bractioles interspersed, hence we may expect racemose or spicate partial inflorescences."
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