Definition of "race-horse" [race-horse]

  • A horse bred or kept for racing or running in contests; a horse that runs in competition. (noun)
  • The steamer-duck. (noun)
  • A rearhorse; any mantis. (noun)
  • Plural A French gambling-game. See petits cheoaux (under cheval). (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "race-horse" in a sentence
  • ""But the water no longer rises like a race-horse.""
  • "Brooks's husband, Charlie, a race-horse trainer, even runs an alternative medicine "kriotherapy" centre at Champneys, the country house resort in Tring, which uses sub-zero temperatures to treat ailments."
  • "The picture was supposed to represent a rich woman in a fur coat holding with one hand her race-horse and with the other her little daughter; in short, an illustration of selfishness, power, and money."