Definition of "rabbled" []

  • An iron tool or mechanical device for stirring, mixing, or skimming a molten charge in a roasting furnace (noun)
  • To stir, mix, or skim (the molten charge) in a roasting furnace (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "rabbled" in a sentence
  • "The ores in this furnace should therefore be fed in at the colder end of the hearth and be gradually worked or "rabbled" forward to the firing end."
  • "Revolution they refused to accept an uncovenanted king; one last brief day of triumph and vengeance they had, when they "rabbled" the conformist curates."
  • "Meanwhile they bullied and "rabbled" the "curates" for _their_ religion: such was Leighton's"
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