Definition of "quondam" []

  • That once was; former: "the quondam drunkard, now perfectly sober” ( Bret Harte). (adjective)
  • Of an earlier time; former (adjective)

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Use "quondam" in a sentence
  • "Akiva replied by making himself known as his quondam servant and rejected son-in-law."
  • "Q quailing culprit quaint peculiarities qualifying service quavering voice queer tolerance quenchless despair querulous disposition [querulous = habitually complaining] questionable data questioning gaze quibbling speech quick sensibility quiescent melancholy quiet cynicism quivering excitement quixotic impulse quizzical expression quondam foe [quondam = former]"
  • "Dan recalled his quondam chief's occasional flings at Allen, whom the senator from Fraser had regarded as a spoiled and erratic but innocuous trifler."