Definition of "quodque" []

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Use "quodque" in a sentence
  • "[3758] Dii bene fecerunt inopis me quodque pusilli"
  • "Plerique medici uno complexu perstringunt hos duos morbos, quod ex eadem causa oriantur, quodque magnitudine et modo solum distent, et alter gradus ad alterum existat."
  • "A private man if he be resolved with himself, or set on an opinion, accounts all idiots and asses that are not affected as he is, [399] — — — nil rectum, nisi quod placuit sibi, ducit, that are not so minded, [400] (quodque volunt homines se bene velle putant,) all fools that think not as he doth: he will not say with Atticus,"