Definition of "quodlibetal" []

  • Consisting of quodlibets.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "quodlibetal" in a sentence
  • "In his production Henry dedicates no less than 20 quodlibetal questions to an analysis of will and intellect, considered both in general and with particular reference to the human sphere (Macken 1975 and 1977)."
  • "An important function of the master in both quodlibetal and disputed questions is the determinatio, in which the master ordered the various smaller questions into articles of a given question."
  • "Since we know that theologians™ administrative responsibilities did not preclude their participation in such events as quodlibetal disputations, it is possible that the debate took place while Gregory was his order's prior general as the incipit says, i.e., in the latter half of 1357 or in 1358, which would make it his last word on intellectual matters."