Definition of "quitrent" []

  • A rent paid by a freeman in lieu of the services required by feudal custom. (noun)
  • (formerly) a rent payable by a freeholder or copyholder to his lord that released him from liability to perform services (noun)

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Use "quitrent" in a sentence
  • "Note 32: The quitrent system initiated after 1813 entailed an annual rent based on a valuation of the property, limited mineral rights, and a stronger sense of perpetuity of ownership than the previous loan farm system."
  • "A good number of those farms were then converted to the quitrent system under British administration of the Cape. 32 Several of the original farm names still exist today, though the boundaries have changed numerous times in the interval."
  • "A farm, free for five years, was offered to any one "having a good musket... and six months' provisions," who should embark with the governor, while those who came later were to pay a half-penny an acre quitrent."