Definition of "quinine" []

  • A bitter, colorless, amorphous powder or crystalline alkaloid, C20H24N2O2·3H2O, derived from certain cinchona barks and used in medicine to treat malaria. (noun)
  • Any of various compounds or salts of quinine. (noun)
  • A bitter crystalline alkaloid extracted from cinchona bark, the salts of which are used as a tonic, antipyretic, analgesic, etc, and in malaria therapy. Formula: C20H24N2O2 (noun)

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Use "quinine" in a sentence
  • "Many men indulge in what we call the quinine habit."
  • "For example, the FDA ordered a number of manufacturers to stop marketing unapproved drugs that contain quinine, which is often used to treat leg cramps."
  • "I hesitate to advise this, because I fear to induce any one to abandon quinine, which is the great weapon against malaria, and not from any want of faith in Dr. Plehn, for he has studied malarial fevers in Cameroon with the greatest energy and devotion, bringing to bear on the subject a sound German mind trained in a German way, and than this, for such subjects, no better thing exists."