Definition of "question" [ques•tion]

  • (noun) An expression of inquiry that invites or calls for a reply.
  • (noun) An interrogative sentence, phrase, or gesture.
  • (noun) A subject or point open to controversy; an issue.
  • (noun) A difficult matter; a problem: a question of ethics.
  • (noun) A point or subject under discussion or consideration.

Use "question" in a sentence

  • "When, in pursuing the catechetical exercise, a question is asked from an announcement, there is first a call upon the attention, and an exercise of mind upon the _question_ asked, the words of which must be translated by the pupil into their proper ideas, which accordingly he must both perceive and understand."
  • "_They had heard all the arguments calling its existence in question_ which Lord Denman, Lord Cottenham, and Lord Campbell had heard; they were _in the daily and hourly administration of that branch of the law with reference to which the question arose_; they took ample time to consider the matter, and deliberately affirmed the existence of the rule, and the valid grounds on which it rested."
  • "* The question of duty is often a question*, not of principle, but * of fact*."

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