Definition of "quality" [qual•i•ty]

  • An inherent or distinguishing characteristic; a property. (noun)
  • A personal trait, especially a character trait: "The most vital quality a soldier can possess is self-confidence” ( George S. Patton). (noun)
  • Essential character; nature: "The quality of mercy is not strain'd” ( Shakespeare). (noun)
  • Superiority of kind: an intellect of unquestioned quality. (noun)
  • Degree or grade of excellence: yard goods of low quality. (noun)
  • A distinguishing characteristic, property, or attribute (noun)

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  • The basic character or nature of something (noun)
  • A trait or feature of personality (noun)
  • Degree or standard of excellence, esp a high standard (noun)
  • (formerly) high social status or the distinction associated with it (noun)
  • Musical tone colour; timbre (noun)
  • The characteristic of a proposition that is dependent on whether it is affirmative or negative (noun)
  • The distinctive character of a vowel, determined by the configuration of the mouth, tongue, etc, when it is articulated and distinguished from the pitch and stress with which it is uttered (noun)
  • Having or showing excellence or superiority (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "quality" in a sentence
  • "She enters the school-room makes a few criticisms, asks a blessing at the table; occasionally a misdemeanor is reported to her, when the offender is cited to the august presence, and duly reprimanded, not according to the quality of the offense, but, in an inverse proportion, to the _quality_ of the offender."
  • "Now it is evident that the first two sciences presuppose that which forms the exclusive object of the third, namely, quality; for all quantity in nature is either itself derived, or at least derives its powers from some _quality_, as that of weight, specific cohesion, hardness, &c."
  • "High quality of UE «MZOR» products is awarded with: In 2007: - «Award of Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus in the field of quality» In 2008: - «Best goods of the Republic of"