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  • "Then the conditional probability of x, given n1, which we call qn (x | n1) equals by (IV. 1):"
  • "Originally Posted by gaurav2cool post ur take on the institute the prospectus gives the details avg sal 3.8 max 6 hi, m bsc grad. frm hansraj and hv applied gr gbo srcc. i hv got lots of information from this site. but i want to know about wt kind of qn r asked in reasoning section. plz replyRe: GLOBAL BUSINESS ORGANISATION srccRe: GLOBAL BUSINESS ORGANISATION srcchey guys i attempted overall"
  • "With what I've learned so far about the evolution of the Ancient Egyptian language as it evolved into Coptic, I'm going to go out on a limb and deduce for myself that the vowelless transliterated words qn and ỉkn were probably pronounced around 1500 BCE something like *qánә 'reed' and *ʔәkánә 'basin, bowl', both matching the vocalisms of the other reflexes as well as accounting for the later Coptic result."
  • "Semitic: Biblical Hebrew קנה (qnh), Ugaritic qn, Akkadian qunû, Aramaic קנה (qnh), Arabic قنا (qana)"
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