Definition of "pyorrhoea" []

  • Flowing or discharge of pus; periodontitis (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pyorrhoea" in a sentence
  • "The teeth of the stoot are terribly sharp and pyorrhoea is not unknown in this species."
  • "Had he been born on the lower reaches of the Yukon and baptised by a remittance man in a Wesleyan Chapel, he would probably not have suffered so acutely from the cold as he did at Guffle Hoe, nor could he have been more persistently victimised and handicapped in after life by bronchial asthma and pyorrhoea of the gums."
  • "This pyorrhoea alveolaris, as it is called, constitutes a very great danger to the patient's health, the purulent discharge teems with poisonous micro-organisms, which being constantly swallowed are apt to give rise to septic disease in various organs."
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