Definition of "puppet" []

  • A small figure of a person or animal, having a cloth body and hollow head, designed to be fitted over and manipulated by the hand. (noun)
  • A figure having jointed parts animated from above by strings or wires; a marionette. (noun)
  • A toy representing a human figure; a doll. (noun)
  • One whose behavior is determined by the will of others: a political puppet. (noun)
  • A small doll or figure of a person or animal moved by strings attached to its limbs or by the hand inserted in its cloth body (noun)

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  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • A person, group, state, etc, that appears independent but is in fact controlled by another (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "puppet" in a sentence
  • "Things that you really wouldn't think about, like for example, you never use the word 'puppet'."
  • "All over the world, all over the Islamic world and the Arab world, it's seen as a blackmail against Iraq and tentative by the Americans to topple a government, the Iraqi government, and to throw it and to put what they call a puppet regime like what has been put in Kabul, what they consider being put in Kabul, the Karzai government."
  • "Afghan officials say they were deliberately bypassed in a concession to the Taliban, which has always refused to negotiate with what it labels the "puppet" Karzai government."