Definition of "pull out" [pull out]

  • To withdraw; especially of military forces; to retreat. (verb)
  • To use coitus interruptus as a method of birth control. (verb)
  • To remove something from a container. (verb)
  • To maneuver a vehicle from the side of a road onto the lane. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pull out" in a sentence
  • "At Dring below and Isaac Rogers above he stopped, looked down at the deck beneath his feet, gestured to one of the privates and directed that the boy should pull out the night buckets, which had been emptied and rinsed out."
  • "After the first couple of visits, I would back into these spacesbecause pulling to the curb, waiting for a break in the traffic, then throwing the car into reverse and swinging it rear-end-first between the lines made me feel more Italian; and because, post-cappuccino, it was easier to pull out into the traffic lanes if you were facing forward."
  • "Vitor Belfort had been scheduled to fight Guy Mezger, but he had to pull out at the last minute."