Definition of "protection" []

  • The act of protecting. (noun)
  • The condition of being protected. (noun)
  • One that protects. (noun)
  • A pass guaranteeing safe-conduct to travelers. (noun)
  • A system of tariffs or other measures protecting domestic producers from foreign competition. (noun)
  • The act of protecting or the condition of being protected (noun)

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  • Something that protects (noun)
  • The imposition of duties or quotas on imports, designed for the protection of domestic industries against overseas competition, expansion of domestic employment, etc (noun)
  • The system, policy, or theory of such restrictions (noun)
  • A document that grants protection or immunity from arrest or harassment to a person, esp a traveller (noun)
  • Security on a climb provided by running belays, etc (noun)
  • Money demanded by gangsters for freedom from molestation (noun)
  • Freedom from molestation purchased in this way (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "protection" in a sentence
  • "Strangers are astonished; but people who know something about the mental attitude of wild animals under protection know that it is the natural and inevitable result of _real protection_."
  • "He has abdicated government He has abdicated government here, _withdrawing his here _by declaring us out governors and declaring us of his protection and waging out of his allegiance and war against us_. protection_."
  • "I then rose from my knees, and placed myself under the protection of St. Magdalen and St. Peter by these words: "_Je me mets sous vôtre protection_" -- (I place myself under your protection;) and added, "_Sainte Marie, mère du bon pasteur, prie pour moi_" -- (Holy"