Definition of "prospect" []

  • Something expected; a possibility. (noun)
  • Chances. (noun)
  • Financial expectations, especially of success. (noun)
  • A potential customer, client, or purchaser. (noun)
  • A candidate deemed likely to succeed. (noun)
  • A probability or chance for future success, esp as based on present work or aptitude (noun)

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  • A vision of the future; what is foreseen; expectation (noun)
  • A view or scene, esp one offering an extended outlook (noun)
  • A prospective buyer, project, etc (noun)
  • A survey or observation (noun)
  • A known or likely deposit of ore (noun)
  • The location of a deposit of ore (noun)
  • A sample of ore for testing (noun)
  • The yield of mineral obtained from a sample of ore (noun)
  • To explore (a region) for gold or other valuable minerals (verb)
  • To work (a mine) to discover its profitability (verb)
  • To search (for) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "prospect" in a sentence
  • "To me, a prospect is always better than a pick if they are of comparable value."
  • "Helleborine, who could be the better long-term prospect, is 8-1, but must have the French Guineas as an alternative."
  • "If this prospect is a real one, then we must start now to prepare our case for having a withdrawal question on the ballot paper."