Definition of "prosenchyma" [pros•en•chy•ma]

  • A type of plant tissue consisting of elongated cells with tapering ends, occurring in supporting and conducting tissue. (noun)

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Use "prosenchyma" in a sentence
  • "The fibrovascular bundles also contain soft-walled prosenchyma cells."
  • "As the cells of this layer multiply, the greater number lengthen vertically into _prosenchyma_, or woody tissue, while some are transformed into ducts "(wood vessels?)" and others remaining as"
  • "Henceforward, if I ever make botanical quotations, I shall always call parenchyma, By-tis; prosenchyma, To-tis; and diachyma, Through-tis, short for By-tissue, To-tissue, and Through-tissue -- then the student will see what all this modern wisdom comes to!"