Definition of "principal" []

  • First, highest, or foremost in importance, rank, worth, or degree; chief. See Synonyms at chief. (adjective)
  • Of, relating to, or being financial principal, or a principal in a financial transaction. (adjective)
  • One who holds a position of presiding rank, especially the head of an elementary school or high school. (noun)
  • A main participant in a situation. (noun)
  • A person having a leading or starring role. (noun)
  • First in importance, rank, value, etc; chief (adjective)

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  • Denoting or relating to capital or property as opposed to interest, etc (adjective)
  • A person who is first in importance or directs some event, action, organization, etc (noun)
  • (in Britain) a civil servant of an executive grade who is in charge of a section (noun)
  • A person who engages another to act as his agent (noun)
  • An active participant in a crime (noun)
  • The person primarily liable to fulfil an obligation (noun)
  • The head of a school or other educational institution (noun)
  • (in Scottish schools) a head of department (noun)
  • Capital or property, as contrasted with the income derived from it (noun)
  • The original amount of a debt on which interest is calculated (noun)
  • A main roof truss or rafter (noun)
  • The chief instrumentalist in a section of the orchestra (noun)
  • One of the singers in an opera company (noun)
  • Either of two types of open diapason organ stops, one of four-foot length and pitch and the other of eight-foot length and pitch (noun)
  • The leading performer in a play (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "principal" in a sentence
  • "Admitting the truth of this reflection, we might still reply, that the principal merit of the Iliad, considered as the production of Genius, lies in the grandeur of the sentiments, the beauty and sublimity of the illustrations, and the _original_ strokes which are wrought into the description of the _principal Actors_."
  • "Remember this, That the ruling, pre - dominant, chief, and principal end in labour - ing for the things of this world, ihould be in in reference to the world to come, Wheft QtrvtA prayed for life, * it was not principal* ly that he mqght live; but that he might live andpraifcQod, Pfal."
  • "Throughout this news release and except where otherwise indicated, the term "principal amount," where used with respect to the Zero Coupon Notes due 2020, are references to their accreted amount as of the Early Settlement Date as defined below and the term "principal amount at maturity," where used with respect to the Zero Coupon Notes due 2020, are references to their principal amount payable at maturity of $1,000 per note."