Definition of "prime" []

  • First in excellence, quality, or value. See Usage Note at perfect. (adjective)
  • First in degree or rank; chief. See Synonyms at chief. (adjective)
  • First or early in time, order, or sequence; original. (adjective)
  • Of the highest U.S. government grade of meat. (adjective)
  • Mathematics Of, relating to, or being a prime number. (adjective)
  • First in quality or value; first-rate (adjective)

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  • Fundamental; original (adjective)
  • First in importance, authority, etc; chief (adjective)
  • Having no factors except itself or one (adjective)
  • Having no common factors (with) (adjective)
  • Having the best credit rating (adjective)
  • The time when a thing is at its best (noun)
  • A period of power, vigour, etc, usually following youth (esp in the phrase the prime of life) (noun)
  • The beginning of something, such as the spring (noun)
  • A semantically indivisible element; minimal component of the sense of a word (noun)
  • Unison (noun)
  • The tonic of a scale (noun)
  • The second of the seven canonical hours of the divine office, originally fixed for the first hour of the day, at sunrise (noun)
  • The first of eight basic positions from which a parry or attack can be made in fencing (noun)
  • To prepare (something); make ready (verb)
  • To apply a primer, such as paint or size, to (a surface) (verb)
  • To fill (a pump) with its working fluid before starting, in order to improve the sealing of the pump elements and to expel air from it before starting (verb)
  • To increase the quantity of fuel in the float chamber of (a carburettor) in order to facilitate the starting of an engine (verb)
  • To insert a primer into (a gun, mine, charge, etc) preparatory to detonation or firing (verb)
  • (of a steam engine or boiler) to operate with or produce steam mixed with large amounts of water (verb)
  • To provide with facts, information, etc, beforehand; brief (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "prime" in a sentence
  • "'Buy'n ony nigs, Kirke?' said the trader, inserting his arm in mine, and leading me away from the shanty: 'I've got a prime lot -- _prime_;' and he smacked his lips together at the last word, in the manner that is common to professional liquor tasters."
  • "At that time, he added the title prime minister to his previous position as president."
  • "PS - What's the betting he defies tradition and refuses to give up the title prime minister?"