Definition of "prick" []

  • The act of piercing or pricking. (noun)
  • The sensation of being pierced or pricked. (noun)
  • A persistent or sharply painful feeling of sorrow or remorse. (noun)
  • A small, sharp, local pain, such as that made by a needle or bee sting. (noun)
  • A small mark or puncture made by a pointed object. (noun)
  • To make (a small hole) in (something) by piercing lightly with a sharp point (verb)

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  • To wound in this manner (verb)
  • To cause or have a piercing or stinging sensation (verb)
  • To cause to feel a sharp emotional pain (verb)
  • To puncture or pierce (verb)
  • To mark, delineate, or outline by dots or punctures (verb)
  • To rise or raise erect; point (verb)
  • To transplant (seedlings) into a larger container (verb)
  • To measure or trace (a course, distance, etc) on a chart with dividers (verb)
  • To rouse or impel; urge on (verb)
  • To ride fast on horseback; spur a horse on (verb)
  • The act of pricking or the condition or sensation of being pricked (noun)
  • A mark made by a sharp point; puncture (noun)
  • A sharp emotional pain resembling the physical pain caused by being pricked (noun)
  • An obnoxious or despicable man (noun)
  • An instrument or weapon with a sharp point, such as a thorn, goad, bee sting, etc (noun)
  • The footprint or track of an animal, esp a hare (noun)
  • A small mark caused by pricking a surface; dot; point (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "prick" in a sentence
  • "I don't think this prick is a true Georgian if he didn't have a gun in his home."
  • "Ms. Bush thinks its OK to use the word "prick" in a email, imagine if a man used the word "pussy.""
  • "Bush, who started out as a bookkeeper and was eventually promoted to regional sales manager but claims she was passed over for more senior positions because of her gender, said she later was fired for using the word "prick" in an e-mail."