Definition of "pressing" []

  • Demanding immediate attention; urgent: a pressing need. See Synonyms at urgent. (adjective)
  • Very earnest or persistent; insistent: a pressing invitation. (adjective)
  • The process or an instance of applying pressure by means of a press. (noun)
  • A phonograph record pressed from a master mold or matrix. (noun)
  • A number of recordings pressed at the same time. (noun)
  • Demanding immediate attention (adjective)

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  • Persistent or importunate (adjective)
  • A large specified number of gramophone records produced at one time from a master record (noun)
  • A component formed in a press (noun)
  • The tactic of trying to stay very close to the opposition when they are in possession of the ball (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "pressing" in a sentence
  • "It is also the first step in what they call pressing the reset button."
  • ""Women at high risk of developing ovarian cancer should consult with their doctors about a monitoring protocol or preventive surgery," Tenenbaum said, calling out what she identified as a pressing need for research into better screening options."
  • "He was barely able to drive because the pain pressing the accelerator with his foot was unbelievable."