Definition of "preserve" []

  • To maintain in safety from injury, peril, or harm; protect. (verb-transitive)
  • To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; maintain unchanged. (verb-transitive)
  • To keep or maintain intact: tried to preserve family harmony. See Synonyms at defend. (verb-transitive)
  • To prepare (food) for future use, as by canning or salting. (verb-transitive)
  • To prevent (organic bodies) from decaying or spoiling. (verb-transitive)
  • To keep safe from danger or harm; protect (verb)

American Heritage(R) Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright (c) 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

  • To protect from decay or dissolution; maintain (verb)
  • To maintain possession of; keep up (verb)
  • To prevent from decomposition or chemical change (verb)
  • To prepare (food), as by freezing, drying, or salting, so that it will resist decomposition (verb)
  • To make preserves of (fruit, etc) (verb)
  • To rear and protect (game) in restricted places for hunting or fishing (verb)
  • To maintain protection and favourable conditions for game in preserves (verb)
  • Something that preserves or is preserved (noun)
  • A special area or domain (noun)
  • Fruit, etc, prepared by cooking with sugar (noun)
  • An area where game is reared for private hunting or fishing (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "preserve" in a sentence
  • "PS - the preserve is a lonnnnng walk and no facilities or supplies - Carry lotsa water"
  • "One of the rights we intend to preserve is to keep Ontario a strong and vigorous factor in the building of an ever stronger British Commonwealth and Empire."
  • "In fact, the subsidized private program that Boehner and Enzi want to preserve is called the Federal Family Education Loan Program."