Definition of "pragmatist" [prag•ma•tist]

  • (noun) One who acts in a practical or straightforward manner; one who is pragmatic; one who values practicality or pragmatism.
  • (noun) One who acts in response to particular situations rather than upon abstract ideals; one who is willing to ignore their ideals to accomplish goals.
  • (noun) One who belongs to the philosophic school of pragmatism; one who holds that the meaning of beliefs are the actions they entail, and that the truth of those beliefs consist in the actions they entail successfully leading a believer to their goals.

Use "pragmatist" in a sentence

  • "Under his leadership the party has moved from the hard right to the centre right and he is known as a pragmatist rather than an ideologist."
  • "You do make a good distinction between the squish and what I would call the pragmatist and as opposed to the visionary/idealist or the ideologue."
  • "Being a pragmatist is a statement about means, not ends."

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