Definition of "powder-magazine" [powder-magazine]

  • (noun) A place where powder is stored, as a bombproof building in fortified places, etc.
  • (noun) A specially constructed place on board a man-of-war for the storage and issue of explosives. See magazine, 1.

Use "powder-magazine" in a sentence

  • "“Elector” blew up, at a quarter past three P.M., by a lucky shot which fell into her caboose, and communicated with the powder-magazine, that Commodore Bowie was enabled to lay himself on board the “Dettingen,” which he carried sword in hand."
  • "A little spark falling by accident into a powder-magazine, hath done more execution in a siege, than an hundred cannon."
  • "We are in the condition of passengers whose ship is devoured by a conflagration which they cannot extinguish, and who know that sooner or later the flames must reach the powder-magazine."

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