Definition of "pot" []

  • Any of various usually domestic containers made of pottery, metal, or glass, as: (noun)
  • A round, fairly deep cooking vessel with a handle and often a lid. (noun)
  • A short round container for storing or serving food: a jam pot; a mustard pot. (noun)
  • A coffeepot. (noun)
  • A teapot. (noun)
  • A container made of earthenware, glass, or similar material; usually round and deep, often having a handle and lid, used for cooking and other domestic purposes (noun)

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  • The amount that a pot will hold; potful (noun)
  • A chamber pot, esp a small one designed for a baby or toddler (noun)
  • A handmade piece of pottery (noun)
  • A large mug or tankard, as for beer (noun)
  • Any of various measures used for serving beer (noun)
  • A cup or trophy, esp of silver, awarded as a prize in a competition (noun)
  • The money or stakes in the pool in gambling games, esp poker (noun)
  • A large amount, esp of money (noun)
  • A wicker trap for catching fish, esp crustaceans (noun)
  • A shot by which a ball is pocketed (noun)
  • A joint fund created by a group of individuals or enterprises and drawn upon by them for specified purposes (noun)
  • To set (a plant) in a flowerpot to grow (verb)
  • To put or preserve (goods, meat, etc) in a pot (verb)
  • To cook (food) in a pot (verb)
  • To shoot (game) for food rather than for sport (verb)
  • To shoot (game birds or animals) while they are on the ground or immobile rather than flying or running (verb)
  • To shoot casually or without careful aim at (an animal, etc) (verb)
  • To sit (a baby or toddler) on a chamber pot (verb)
  • To shape clay as a potter (verb)
  • To pocket (a ball) (verb)
  • To capture or win; secure (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "pot" in a sentence
  • "Put the potatoes, carrot and rice into another pot* with the rest of the chicken stock, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes, then put the contents of this pot into the pot with the cucumber and simmer for 5 more minutes."
  • "When for any reason it is necessary to put a small or weakly rooted plant or cutting, or a cutting that is just on the point of sending forth roots, in a pot that seems too large, _put it near the edge of the pot_, instead of in the middle."
  • "A little later, about the middle of the sixteenth century, the favorite paper mark was the jug or pot, from which would appear to have originated the term pot paper."