Definition of "postmortem" [postmortem]

  • Occurring or done after death. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to a medical examination of a dead body. (adjective)
  • See autopsy. (noun)
  • Informal An analysis or review of a finished event. (noun)

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Use "postmortem" in a sentence
  • "The show has never held appeal for me before, however, so I can only imagine that once the election and the immediate postmortem is over, it will be relegated back to "not my thing" status."
  • "In particular, he argues that the Afterlife is a condition to which we ought to aspire, that it is a moral improvement even on the life of virtue in this world, and that recognizing this is constitutive of wanting to do what God wants, that is, to live according to the Golden Rule, which guarantees as much as anything can (pending divine grace) our long-term postmortem happiness."
  • "In the "postmortem" - an epilogue that follows each episode-to episode 3 of season 3, Adolf Hitler is shown planning to use werewolves as a last line of defense for his crumbling regime."