Definition of "porphyrin" []

  • Any of various organic compounds containing four pyrrole rings, occurring universally in protoplasm, and functioning as a metal-binding cofactor in hemoglobin, chlorophyll, and certain enzymes. (noun)

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Use "porphyrin" in a sentence
  • "What is more exciting is that the dye Cambell and Partridge developed (made from a biological pigment called porphyrin, a component of chlorophyll) makes a dye-sensitized solar cells far more practical to produce."
  • "And there is a substantial scientific consensus that oil was formed by biological pathways since the abiotic pathway can not explain optical activity and porphyrin-type materials there."
  • "[I should have had pears here but forgot to put them on the table, so I will be eating pears this week] cold blueberry soup with mango and cardamom lefse chocolate bread choice of butter, apple butter, or strawberry preserves (the latter two made by porphyrin) roasted yams with sea salt and rosemary gravlax scrambled eggs with tomatoes, basil, and sharp cheddar."