Definition of "poniard" [pon•iard]

  • A dagger typically having a slender square or triangular blade. (noun)
  • To stab with such a dagger. (verb-transitive)

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Use "poniard" in a sentence
  • "In Twenty Years After, by Dumas, when M. de Beaufort removes the poniard from the pie and says, “I hold one of these poniards to La Remee’s heart and say to him, ‘My friend, I am truly distressed, but if you make any movement or utter a cry, you are a dead man.’”"
  • "Abidan, unarmed, seized a poniard from the soldier’s belt, stabbed him to the heart, and vaulting on the steed, galloped towards the river."
  • "Thus when the first shadow came creeping into the star lit room, the Cimmerian, silent as a panther, moved to his feet, a poniard in each hand."