Definition of "poet" [po•et]

  • (noun) A writer of poems.
  • (noun) One who is especially gifted in the perception and expression of the beautiful or lyrical: "[the naturalist John Burroughs] was the bard of the bird feeder, the poet of the small and homey” ( Bill McKibben).

Use "poet" in a sentence

  • "POOR MALONE! if he had ever heard the old adage, that “_none but a poet should edit a poet_,” he would have saved his midnight oil, and solicited a ray from"
  • "The Poetry of Kevin Davies___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet--Part III___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet--Part II___(ragline)___Kurdish Globe: Reflections of a Kurdish poet--Part I___(ragline)___The Gonzaga Bulletin: Li-young Lee: exterminator, restaurateur and poet___(ragline)___The Brooklyn Rail: Heaniverse___(ragline)___The Times-Picayune: New Orleans writer Peter Cooley finds poetry in the morning light___(ragline)___The Brooklyn Rail: A Poet Stretches___(ragline)___Democrat and Chronicle: A poet writes of the ghosts of his Rochester youth___(ragline)___Sacramento News & Review: Is B.L."
  • "From ancient times in Greece and later in Rome, the leaves of the laurel tree were used to create crowns in honor of the greatest poets of their times, thus leading to the term poet laureate."

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