Definition of "pockmark" [pock•mark]

  • A pitlike scar left on the skin by smallpox or another eruptive disease. (noun)
  • A small pit on a surface: The gophers left the lawn covered with pockmarks. (noun)
  • To cover with pockmarks; pit. (verb-transitive)

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Use "pockmark" in a sentence
  • "Affordable Care Act," today's decision was either the first well-deserved "pockmark" on the legislation or a wing-nut outlier, penned by a two dozen health care challenges still pending."
  • "His store plans to vacate in January, leaving another pockmark in the skin of the nascent mall."
  • "It demonstrates that there's hope for the multitudes of isolating and impenetrable small buildings that pockmark the suburban landscape as a reminder of ill-conceived growth."