Definition of "plough" []

  • Variant of plow. (noun)
  • An agricultural implement with sharp blades, attached to a horse, tractor, etc, for cutting or turning over the earth (noun)

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  • Any of various similar implements, such as a device for clearing snow (noun)
  • A plane with a narrow blade for cutting grooves in wood (noun)
  • (in agriculture) ploughed land (noun)
  • To till (the soil) with a plough (verb)
  • To make (furrows or grooves) in (something) with or as if with a plough (verb)
  • To move (through something) in the manner of a plough (verb)
  • To work at slowly or perseveringly (verb)
  • (of a vehicle) to run uncontrollably into something in its path (verb)
  • To turn over (a growing crop, manure, etc) into the earth with a plough (verb)
  • To fail an examination (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "plough" in a sentence
  • ""Let no good and discreet subjects, therefore, follow the flag or banner displayed to rebellions, and borne by rebels, though it have the image of the plough painted therein, with _God speed the plough_ written under in great letters, knowing that none hinder the plough more than rebels, who will neither go to the plough themselves, nor suffer other that would go unto it.""
  • "The plough is a wretched wooden thing, so frail that one can easily carry it on one’s shoulder, and fitted underneath with a rough iron spike which stirs the soil to a depth of about four inches."
  • "31 In the nearer East the light little plough is carried afield by the bull or ass."