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Definition of "pleochroism" [ple•och•ro•ism]

  • The property possessed by some crystals of exhibiting different colors, especially three different colors, when viewed along different axes. (noun)

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Use "pleochroism" in a sentence
  • "Such an effect is called pleochroism, and crystals which show variations in their colour when viewed from different angles, or by transmitted light, are called pleochroic, or pleochromatic -- from two Greek words signifying "to colour more.""
  • "Iceland-spar is extensively used in the construction of Nicol's prisms for polariscopes, polarizing microscopes and saccharimeters, and of dichroscopes for testing the pleochroism of gem-stones."
  • "Biotite, containing haloes, 223; pleochroism of, 235; intensified pleochroism in halo, 235."