Definition of "plain" []

  • Free from obstructions; open; clear: in plain view. (adjective)
  • Obvious to the mind; evident: make one's intention plain. See Synonyms at apparent. (adjective)
  • Not elaborate or complicated; simple: plain food. (adjective)
  • Straightforward; frank or candid: plain talk. (adjective)
  • Not mixed with other substances; pure: plain water. (adjective)
  • Flat or smooth; level (adjective)

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  • Not complicated; clear (adjective)
  • Not difficult; simple or easy (adjective)
  • Honest or straightforward (adjective)
  • Lowly, esp in social rank or education (adjective)
  • Without adornment or show (adjective)
  • (of fabric) without pattern or of simple untwilled weave (adjective)
  • Not attractive (adjective)
  • Not mixed; simple (adjective)
  • Of or done in plain (adjective)
  • A level or almost level tract of country, esp an extensive treeless region (noun)
  • A simple stitch in knitting made by putting the right needle into a loop on the left needle, passing the wool round the right needle, and pulling it through the loop, thus forming a new loop (noun)
  • The unmarked white ball, as distinguished from the spot balls (noun)
  • The player using this ball (noun)
  • (in Ireland) short for plain porter, a light porter (noun)
  • (intensifier) (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "plain" in a sentence
  • "I do for a plain one, therefore I like the _plain ones best_, and I hope that our "good brother Burch's" prophecy, that "the days of 'fancy locomotives' will return," will never be fulfilled until after I go out of the business."
  • "They live what they call plain lives, of course, as you well know, not using electricity."
  • "WOODRUFF: And just as important, he is hoping to win over you, the voters in the United States, with what he calls plain-spoken words about his priorities."